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Building Expansion Project 2023

Our Organization strives daily to provide the highest level of care to our animal guests, as possible. Constant evaluation of the number of animals we intake, what type of intake they are and their condition on intake gives us valuable information so that we can make changes to continue providing an optimum level of care. We intake roughly 2,800 animals per year, or more than 230 animals each month, just from our county alone. That intake amount mirrors the intake totals for some of the largest cities within our state.  Of those intakes, 114 of those animals were injured by a car, 161animals came in with injuries - cause unknown, 92 of those animals were known to be pregnant upon intake and 311 animals were taken in as nursing mothers. All of these animals were cared for in our facility; however, a significant flaw in the design of our current building is the lack of a dedicated space for these animals that require special care.

Currently, use our front office and hallway for the animals requiring additional care. The need for a dedicated space for these animals requiring special care can not be overstated. Our only option, after our limited space is full is to begin placing these animal within the general population, which is loud and can be extremely stressful for sick, injured, pregnant or nursing animals. This is why we are moving forward with an expansion to our current building.

The expansion will be 16'x22' room created and designed to be a dedicated space for those animals that require additional or special care. However, we need your help to make this dream project a reality! The estimate for the building cost of this expansion is $30,000. This includes the concrete floor, electricity, plumbing, insulation and all building materials and labor. But we can not do this without the help of our community. The need for this expansion is clear, so be a voice for the animals that do not have one and donate today to help the animals, most in need, within our community! 

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